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Monday, December 31, 2012

Cold and clear but it's not raining...

Today there was ice on the roof that we were going to strip and sheath for the new metal roof. I finally was possible about 9:30 and away we went...removing the water soaked cedar shingles that had been on since the sixties. They were ready to be replaced for sure.
The roofers won't be back until Wednesday because of New Years Day. But at least they will be back to finish and that 's the most important thing to me.
Here are a few pictures taken today. 
A very good company to work with...

The new material today is called water block. It's better than the old style tar paper from what Mick says. It's the first time I have used it on a job. I thought it was a great product after walking on it and it doesn't break down like the old tar paper can after 40 years.

I took a few pictures of the view as we were finishing up. It just could not be passed up when you are up on top of this roof.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

The New Master Bath Vanity

The New Master Bath Vanity was set Friday before we left for a Christmas break. Today I finished the finish seal coat on the rest of the living room windows, the Entry feature bamboo window all the door trim,and kitchen sink window. Jack finish trim out the last 2 windows in the kitchen office area and are ready to be sealed.
I sheet rocked a corner wall in the laundry area where we are using the old kitchen sink cabinet that will become a new large tub sink  to be able to give Tucker a bath. He loves the Mud and Loves to eat it too... what a good boy. First time I ever saw a dog eat dirt.
Saturday the new roof over the breezeway and garage will be stripped and sheathed prepping for the  .new standing seam roof that matches the house. I'm looking forward to seeing it finally finished and no more leaks in the Garage or Breezeway as I sure Deb and Roy will sleep better too.

Here's a few pictures of the new Master bath Vanity with the Glass top. My camera doesn't do it justice when it comes to seeing the green color of the glass. It going to look very nice once we get the faucets installed. They are futuristic and spill the water.

Thanks for your time to check out the remodel again,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sugoii ( Cool )

Sugoii is Japanese for, Cool... My wife being Japanese was looking at some of the pictures I was going to put on the blog and that was her expression. She loved the tile in the kitchen and thought every thing blended well together. 
Bob will finish the grout work on both the bath and kitchen this week, he's done an awesome job... The trim out stage is in full swing to wrap up the up stairs and get things back to some normalcy for Deb and Roy.
The Christmas season is here and the weather this morning felt like it with slippery roads on the way to the job.

I truly hope that all who have been checking out this blog about Deb and Roy's Remodel, have a Blessed time with friends and family. Merry Christmas !!!

Here's a few update pictures.

Master Bath Tile

The Sun Came out Finally 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

On The way to the Post Office Saturday

The things we see in Anacortes while going to the Post Office on Saturday or for any day if that matters.

Kitchen Tile Work looks Great !

The Kitchen Tile Work looks Great !
It's not an everyday thing that Bob would like to do, I'm sure, or would I. The workmanship was excellent for this hard to install type of tile. I can't say the walls were the straightest  to work with but with the experience that Bob has he made it look Great !!
Now going from a 3/4 x 1 1/2 inch tile to a 20"x20" tile will seem like they are covering some ground when the master bath starts Monday. 

I didn't take time to grab a few shots of the finished tile work but I will for the next entry.Here's a few more from this week.

Jack and I will be finishing up the living room window trim this week and most of the base trim to the floors and hopefully the doors if my trim package come in early this week.

We are still waiting  to find out about the Stair railing being completed. I'm looking forward to seeing what the color  Black Chrome looks like. Deb's always coming up with a great surprise...

Thanks for checking out this blog again, I'm really not a writer but enjoy sharing about this remodel.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Garage Gable overhang extension

The Garage Gable overhang extension make the roof ready for the rest of the steel roofing to be installed. Completely drying us in and allowing the Breezeway entry to be insulated and sheet rock installed.
The Master bath was textured and ready for primer and paint so the tile work can be started Wednesday. With Deb's weekend road trip East she brought back some very cool sink facutes she has had saved for some time, spill the water into the one piece green glass vanity top. Going to be very nice.
Thanks for checking out Deb's Blog..

PS ..... OKI my dog say's Tucker...


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Some Kitchen Bling

The tile for the Kitchen Back Splash started Friday later in the day. I had to remove the trim to help make the Tile setters job go better and look better all around.
It's always difficult to remove something you have already done, and even harder to put it back where you had it the first time. But this is a part of the kitchen remodel that is there close up and needs detail to make it B ling. The tile setter was happy and got with it.
The sheet rocker was just about finished with the mud and tape Saturday. He will give it the texture on Monday. I will prime and paint it and be ready for the tile to start late Tuesday or for sure Wednesday morning.
Here are a few pictures of the Black Splash Bling....

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sheet Rock installation completed

The Master Bath room sheet rock was completed and the mud process starts today. The Central Vacuum piping was completed and Vac motor installed and tested.. and it Sucks big time.
Here's a few shots.

The last picture is of the return air furr out in the basement. Incorporating  a clothes rack and shelve under the return air giving more room for Deb's clothes.

Central Vac in Garage hides well behind the garage entry door.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Master Bath Gets Sheet Rock

The Master Bath mechanics are finished.
Plumbing, Electrical, Framing, Furring, Blocking, insulation, final electrical  inspection are finished... Hardy backer down on the floor and shower stall ready for tile. 

The new bath window is on site, the tile chosen and a beautiful vanity with semi transparent green glass top in Roy's room ready to go after sheet rock, painting, and tile finished.

The shower stalls glass corner let's you view Mt. Baker while taking a shower, pretty cool...

The Breezeway Entry is also ready for sheet rock as soon as the roof is installed. We are hoping this will start next Thursday, weather permitting.
Here's a few pictures of the bath before sheet rock installation.