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Friday, July 27, 2012

Moving on the Master bedroom

We finished up the Garage and today the New Garage Door will be installed. It was a busy week this week with subs coming by to give estimates for the Gas forced air we will have installed. I got started on the Master Bedroom strip out and the bathroom which had carpet over vinyl, it all had to come out so we could see how the floor was. There was no major water damage so the was a plus. Usually with a home of this age you have sub-floors to repair but not this time.We loaded up Deb truck and she took all the carpet and demo materials to the dump.

We had the tile in the bathroom cleaned and sealed, I'm sure it hadn't been done since 1966 when it was originally installed. It turned out pretty good for the age of the tile. There will be some additional work to be done to the tile grout that has fallen out and  just needs to be re-grouted.
 Deb got a good buy on a new vanity sink and we will  install it after we remove the old top and make different hole for the shape of the sink which is square.

I removed  the old popcorn ceiling in the master bedroom patched the areas that need it. Then sanded it and painted it with a ceiling white. We will texture it later for now we just need to get it clean a livable. I painted the walls and perminized the wood paneling that is on the closet wall so it can be painted Friday today.
Deb helped me clean up the floor that had all the staples in it from the carpet pad so I could preminize it making it sealed for temporary use.
The Master bedroom and a few extra picture taken.

 I will add more pictures but my time has run out this morning to do more on the blog.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The start of week 2 of the renovation.

Today we had Barron Heating come and do a home envelope test. The test determines the heat loss we are currently having and shows us these areas we need to take into consideration when we do any rebuilding of the interior. 
It was very helpful and normally an extra cost to the customer as it take some time to set up the test. Gary was knowledgeable about this and will have a running in doing the work. He did the test for free.
When I got there this morning,I saw that Roy had a new toy, a Chipper and he wasted no time in putting it to work. The large pile of brush and limbs they had made the Saturday before last Saturday was gone. He busted buns but I think he really enjoyed his day of work at their new Diggs.
Deb help me with making up bird blocking for the Garage and we got about half of it put up. I will finish the other side in the morning  start working on getting the new Garage man door installed so Friday we will have a secure garage when they install the over head garage door.
Wednesday we will start on the master bedroom prep work for making a clean place to sleep and take showers. It's not an easy thing to do, living in a remodel,but I will do my best to make it a good experience with out extra cost. It's all about planning.....and timing with a positive attitude, and they are for sure showing positive thinking about this project.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Installing new electricial for the Garage

Today Anacortes Electric installed all the new wiring need for the New Garage Door / exterior Lights and weather tight receptacle for the Motor Home that will be parked while remodel things are happening. 
I picked up the garage man door and will install it on this coming Monday. The rafters will get collar ties and ceiling joist  2 stiff backs on top locking into the solid gable truss. The last thing we will need to do next week some kind of bird blocking to finish buttoning up the garage and ready to store things for the move to the new Diggs.
I took a video of the progress happening, but please remember I'm not a movie maker I'm a Builder, also there are a few more pictures to see.
I hope who ever is seeing this blog is enjoying being able to see what's happening with Roy and Deb's new Diggs. They are very enjoyable to work with.
 Well here's the Video....
Here  are the other picture taken Friday 7-20-2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Making a new opening for the New 16' Garage Door

We have a new garage door going to be installed soon. I need to make a new opening for the new door.
Removing the old mix mash of framing I opened up where Bees and Birds had been leaving their mess. The wood relieved some bad wood eaten up by powder post Beatles, so it was a good thing to make a new opening instead of  using the existing opening. The electrician is coming Friday to wire for new opener motor and lights that will be on either side of the garage. Here's few pictures.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting started

Today Monday July 16th.
When I got there this morning I saw that Roy a Deb had really done some clearing behind the Garage and there was a Huge pile of brush from there work. Good Job ! I know this is hard work for what I saw was done.
I pressured washed the Garage out of all the dust, dirt and bird poop in the rafters. Washing out the whole thing in prep for the things they are going to store when they start moving things in, that was a great move by them to do that first.
After I was finished with the Garage, I pressured washed the concrete stair well leading to the down stairs basement and the decorative block surrounding the stair well. It turned out nice, there are 2 decorative block that need to be re-mortared on the corner. Next it needs to be sprayed with bleach to kill the black algae that will try to grow again and seal it with a sealer to protect the mortar joints from deterioration in the future.
Here are a few pictures taken before and after. At the bottom of the stairs was a great find... a large piece of  petrified wood that was being used to prop the screen door open. I included it in the pictures also.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Great tool left by the owner of this home.Thanks !

Today I met Roy Grave's and Deb Ayrs at their new Island Home. It was too short of time with them as I had to pick up my sweetie from work.
Deb handed me the information she was telling me about, how the previous owner had made different construction notes about things. This is another awesome tool we have for reference about the under ground systems that make the home function. You usually don't get this with a used home, have someone looking ahead for the next owner.
Here's a picture of one of the notes:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some pictures of the Home Before the Remodel

I took these pictures in the late morning so there were to many shadows on the front of the Home. I will add more at different times of the day.

Today I got a better shot because of the overcast day.

Moving to the new Digs August 5th

The owners of this fabulous property have found one to the greatest view pieces of the San Juan Islands.
It's going to be a great place to have coffee in the mornings with the view and quietness backing the forest lands of Fidalgo.
Mrs Ayrs and I met yesterday for the first time there.

Number 1 in importance is to have the garage secured and ready for them to move on the property by August 5th. It's a done deal. Monday we will be pressure washing the inside of the garage to clean it out good before I get started on the new opening for the new 16' Garage door that needs to be installed.
Mrs. Ayrs secured information on the garage door and it's cost today. She's very attentive and will be a great asset to this remodel project.

I was meeting with the electrician when she returned with the info on the door.We got the electrical lined out for what needs to be done in order to be ready for the new garage door install and their move in on August the 5th.
Anacortes Electric will be there Friday the 20th to start the electrical work.
We also discussed about preparing the master bedroom and bath making it clean and ready to use while they occupy the home during the remodel.