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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Final Kitchen view can be seen now.

The final kitchen view can be seen now, also the entryway view. Both are no longer being just imagined but now a reality. There is still a little bit of demo going to happen but the major demo is complete when it comes to walls being removed.
We will add some extra gussets to the truss on one side help assure no future ceiling sagging, do to the long span we have now. It's nice to see trusses on 16" centers, I'm sure this was done for a tile roof that never happened, probably do to cost.
In the 60s when this home was built having a tile roof would have been a big thing. About 5 times the cost of a cedar shake roof. Being this area was a great place to get shakes it was better then Asphalt shingles or even cheaper roll roofing. Which many people had done mostly because  Anacortes was summer home place to just get away from Seattle.
We are currently in the process of getting bids together for a standing seam metal roof which will accent this home wonderfully because of the brick and some other exterior applications to come.

 Here's a picture form the new kitchen view. Also a picture of the New Entry Window where Deb will feature 3 Glass Bamboo windows.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Living Room Windows

The living room now has new windows. It was a bit of a challenge to get them out because of the way they were installed when the home was first built. The window flange was nailed to the exterior sheathing and then bricked over the flange. I had to cut the frames in half making sure the cut was behind the nail flange releasing the flange nailed to the sheathing allow me to pull out the frame.
My hands are sore this morning do to holding the saws-all so tight. The rest of the window will be done the same way and there are a few still to go.
It was a nice to have both Roy and Deb there to help install the new windows as there is no way to do it by yourself. I finished the day by removing the sheet rock from the back of the kitchen wall getting ready to open up the kitchen to the view.
It was a beautiful day.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday morning sunrise

Wow!!!... I wish I was taking these pictures from the Ayre's Grave's home this morning it was awesome. This coming week is full with action Central Vac / New Stair placement / Living Room window install / French drain / Tankless water system/ furnace completion / and who knows what else. 

I just know it's exciting creating something old into something new and use full in a new and different  way like I do with old furniture.
Here's a few more pictures.
I can't imagine what it was like from Roy's and Deb's elevation at 300 some feet. What a morning to have coffee on the deck.

OK.... here  I am in the crazy Winchester  stairway to know where.. I usually don't put my face on blogs. In fact this is a first. I asked Deb to take it so you could see who was writing this stuff.
Roy got in the action as well, showing off his New Chipper . He's getting into it with his music ear buds and the chipper screaming and chips a flying.
Chief .... Your next .....
Where is she?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Eye Candy ?

In my world of building I always look for Things that have changed.
I want to see Eye Candy, meaning to me progress. Some days are filled with more eye candy than others
So this why I take pictures.... when I can. I get so involved in making eye candy that I don't want to stop for that 2 minutes and take them.

But  here are a few more pictures taken, I hope you enjoy...


Monday, August 20, 2012

The Transformation and Creation Continues

Well it's been about 10 days sense I have given any update to those who are checking out Deb & Roy's and Trucker's New Diggs.

The weather last week was hot making the removal of the old popcorn texture a bit of a push to finishing it before the real heat hit us. The new heat system being finished this week will be the start to installing a new Gas Tank-less hot water system.
During this demolition and building process Deb and Roy's energy for this Island home property is easy to be seen in their positive ways and vision for what they want create together. I have done countless large remodels over the past solid 30 some years so I know by experience it takes special people to live inside a remodel . It can be like camping...ha

Roy has been opening up the German Forest park, well I was calling it that because it reminds me of the possibilities to have some of the characters of one. The two Sequoia  Redwood trees on the edge of the building site are just awesome. Roy cleaned up around them and found a concrete water holding tank that will work great for the properties watering needs.
Deb has great decision making skills because of her ability to listen to detail and remember, I think that's why she was a fire Chief. Also being involved in building decision making with the building of a fire-station or 2 makes it great for me, being that she has been there before.
I see the giving on both sides from them when making decisions, and that is what will make this remodel an enjoyable experience and build them a great memory.

Many things are in the works: French drain, gas piping to the garage for a Generator transfer system.
New Living room windows, Kitchen floor plan and estimate, New Standing seam metal roof.
Sun  Tube lights one over the new stairway, A lite Fossilized sandstone and glass display case feature  in the entry & we're busy .....
Here's a few more pictures taken last week.
Thanks again for checking out the progress. Greg
Have you ever seen an Attic access over the stairway ? Go figure..

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Up Stairs Demo has started

This week we started the upstairs demo of the walls that have separated the front entryway and the kitchen from the fabulous view. Already it's looking better seeing the old disappear and the new look starting to take shape. I get excited resurrecting something old into something new.
The new furnace was started Tuesday by demoing the old water boiler out and cutting in some of the new heat runs.Today some of the new ducting will be started.
Here's a few pictures to check out .
Plus we have a picture of Tucker the official greeter who has been some what wondering how come the Diggs keep changing.  
Thanks for checking out the progress.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

A busy week 3

It was a busy week to say the least. Anacortes Electric installed the new electrical service. We move the incoming wires crossing the front of the Garage and the house to the side of the garage giving the appearance of the home and garage a much better look with out wires very where. Saturday Comcast was to move the ugly gray box from the front gable to the side of the garage as well. Now the service comes from the garage to the home not being seen.

The attic insulation was removed by Clean Crawls, it was quit a job taking them all day to complete. This was a bid that was truly in our favor, as the estimator didn't check under the old blown in to see there was fiberglass underneath the old blow-in. So it had to be hand removed before the blow-in could be sucked out. It wasn't easy by any means.

Now that the attic is cleared out, this gives us clean access to the ceiling in the  kitchen that will be opened when we remove the wall between the kitchen and living room giving an awesome view  to the Mt. Baker while standing in the kitchen.

The Master bed room had some change with new paint and a custom closet for Roy's clothes. The master bath got a new white tile floor, new fan, and new vanity counter top with a new toilet which was badly needed.

Deb and Roy with some help started to bring things into the secured garage and loading things on the Costco shelving they be put up.
The other bedroom upstairs was painted so it could be used for the office.
Down stairs the old water base boards were removed and a large 8 foot shelving unit was relocated so it could be used for some pantry storage from the rental they were renting. Many other things took place this week but this was just a small recap of some of the things that took place. I will add a few pictures for fun. Thanks for reading about the progress on Roy and Deb's new Diggs.