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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Will the weather hold ?

My Hope is the weather is going to continue through October.
Living here most all my life I have seen it before, but it has been a while since we have seen a real Indian summer. 
The new standing seam steel roof should be on order this coming week after Jack and I make the necessary changes that are going to happen. 
Last week we got the furnace up and running as the mornings are getting cooler and the leaves are turning to remind me that winter is on it's way. Will it be a dry winter? Your guess is as good as mine.
 We are going to extend the roof over the stairs 6 feet to cover for weather . It will also have the see through Lexan light.

Many people are looking for rain already and I don't like to hear it, but it is Washington.
The Natural gas line was installed that goes to the back side of the garage for the future. The ditch from the backside of the garage will also carry the tight line for roof water from the garage. 
We found the sewer connection so an extra connection can be made for future addition to the North end of the house.
Most importantly at this time is getting the new roof on to protect what we have done. Deb bought us a 10'X 20' portable car garage to set up shop for things to come, getting the tools out and most of the cutting to be done. She is appreciated more than words can say.
Here are a few more pictures from this last week. I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Entry Way look is Here.

Jack and I finished getting the beams out and the rafter beams up yesterday while Deb went to Seattle to get the Lexan polycarbonate sheeting that will go on the top bringing light in the Entry. Here are a few more pictures.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Front Entry Roof line

The Rambler look is out and a New Front Entry is beginning to take shape.
Deb and I were talking steel for the new entry but with the price of steel and for only 4 pieces the cost was a factor for the look we wanted to get. 
So we decided to go another wrought and still incorporate the steel look by covering the two main beams with plate steel allowing us to give the rusted patina look to them that will be carried out in the window trim as well and save some bucks at the same time.
The entry extension of the roof is going have a lexan covering to allow light though into the porch. The roof rafters beams will be wrapped in cedar , bringing the cedar window look into the entry. Here are a few more pictures of the start of the entry roof and beams that will portray somewhat of an Asian look that Deb is looking for.

The Dry well has been put in place and will carry the french drain water the roof water and some gray water that will come from the room extension we will be adding for a laundry room/ storage/ electric generator room.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Concrete has been placed and finished.

Well the concrete pour went as expected with out any hitches and the weather can stay this way for as long as it's likes. I would be ecstatic if it would go to the end of October, am I dreaming? For some reason I feel we will get. Maybe not this warm but hopefully not much rain.
Here's some pictures of the pour and a few others. The steel beam will be used as part of the roof that's going to be extended for the Entry.

New front entry porch and walkway

Today we are pouring the concrete for the new front porch and walkways. The weather couldn't be any better. Here are a few pictures of the forming of the walkway. I'll add more tomorrow after the pour and finish.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pictures are worth more than a 1000 words

We have been a productive as possible, know fall is on it's way and the weather could turn at any time. I'm hoping for the best Indian summer in the last ten years and maybe we might just get it. So we have shifted gears to the out side work that needs to be started while the kitchen cabinets are be built. Side walks and roof lines that are going to change, berms that are going to give privacy and a new look. A french drain across the front. New tight lines for roof down spouts, ditching for natural gas, water, gray water and dry well for a way to disposal of it.
Most all of the trees we want down have been dropped and clean up of the mess is a lot of work to be done. Here are more picture of things happening.