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Friday, November 30, 2012

Some of what took place this week.

Called Brandon
Called Bart's plumbing
Leveled more floor
Finished ceiling in Master Bath
Finished knee wall
Filled wall plate holes
Fixed floor from tub removal
Wood floor Installation Started
Master Bed Rm door floor patch
Cleaned area for morning floor start
Jack started again
Breezeway stair layout
Bart came for a while, started shower drain

Breeze way stair work
Installed lexan metal caps on entryway
re-Secured breezeway roof tar paper
Troweled more floor leveler


Framing in breez way
Installed Tucker door
Floor was finished
Temp Railing to down stairs
Temp Railing to breezway steps
Kitchen Counter top installed
Ram tough floor covering
Pocket door installed in breeze way

Finished framig in breeze way
Wiring layout for breeze way w/ Brandon
Bart Plumbling layout
Ted Central Vac Systems
Neil w/ Simons Glass for shower stall appointment
Adam w/ Foss heating punch list
Frontier/siding for gables
Post feet brackets clean up

Kitchen window trim out
Met with Neil about shower install
Penatroled steel post feet
Met with Neil again @ Simons
Brandon/ Joe on Breezeway elect. rough-in bath
Foss heating /down stairs heat run install & punch list work
installation of appliances
Bath rough in
( Roy sanded trim work ) Did a great job.

With every thing that takes place in one day with 3 subs working. There always will be questions and I don't mind finding the solution and giving direction to get it accomplished. Just plain delegation of management and trusting those you have worked with and those you haven't using good communication.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flooring Installation Completed

Today the floor was finished about 4:00pm and the Kitchen final counter top was waiting to be installed as soon as I could get the Ram Tough Floor protector down for traffic.We finished the Breezeway framing and it's ready to be wired and plumed.
The floor appearance is awesome and will make the new kitchen cabinets just pop with the curing of the cherry wood.
Here's a few pictures of the breezeway framing and a short video of the kitchen and floor. 
Thanks for checking things out. 

Short Video...


Flooring installation

The new Russian hand hued birch flooring is being installed and should be finished today. 
Looks Great !!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

If a picture is worth a thousands words what's a video worth?

I hope all who are checking out this blog had a wonderful Thanks Giving with family and friends. The floor installation starts Monday the 26th. Bring the trim out stage in view. Roy and Deb got a brief reprieve form living at home during this remodel and will be returning Wednesday to somewhat of a finished product. The appliances should be arriving on this coming Friday and installed.

Monday will be filled with lots happening and maybe even a ray of sun to make it a perfect day to start the week off.

Here's a short video of things.
Thanks for checking things out.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Master Bath Demo Finished

The Master Bath Demo is completed and the framing for the new shower will be finished today.
The plumber has been notified along with the electrician, tile installer and sheet rock finisher. Everything is set up in place to make the Master Bath come together. Deb will be choosing the tile color this week so it can be on hand. The double sink vanity was delivered on Friday and it is gorgeous. I didn't see the top yet as it is still wrapped up but she said it was a green glass top ... wow. This should be spectacular.
The kitchen cabinetry is now installed. With Thanks giving just a day away the Russian hand hued Birch flooring will be delivered today at 10:30 to acclimate over the weekend and installation will start on Monday.    

Monday is going to be a very busy day with lots happening.
Wishing all who are reading this blog a Happy Thanks Giving...
Looks like the Holiday Season is here, I just hope it doesn't bring the snow with it.

    Bath Demo in the Rough...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Master Bath Demo

This Wednesday we started the Master Bath Demo and it couldn't have been better timing with the age of the shower and tile work.
They are turning the 2 bath rooms into one big master bath with a much larger shower, double vanity. It always amazes me how much material come out of a demo. I filled the trailer that Roy is borrowing from a friend and there was still more to come. It's not a easy thing to do and demands some physical strength and will to make the process happen correctly with out any problems happening like water and electrical connections that run through the walls. Cut one water pipe and you are flooding, cut one electrical connection and your demo may have to stop until an electrician is there to fix it.
By Friday early afternoon I had most to the demo finished about 90% but a cold I had caught, had got the best of me and my energy was gone. I came home and crashed on the couch for the rest of the day after stopping at the drug store for some cold medications. I got up once to pick up my wife from work and back to the couch. Saturday was I miserable and didn't get off the couch all day but to use the bathroom and get more to drink.
Today Sunday I feel somewhat better and will continue to do the couch potato thing with water,juice, and rest. Hoping I feel better for Monday.
Here's a few more pictures of the master bath demo.
Thanks for reading...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quick pics

Ceilings and walls have been painted and kitchen cabinets are being installed. We will start the demo of the master bath today. Here's a few pictures.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Texturing Video

This is just a short video showing the texture being applied to the sheet rock after it had been primed.
I suddenly woke up out of a dead sleep @ 3:00 am this morning. Oh crap ! Did Lamont open the Vents after turning up the heat? Also most in tears I slammed on my Long Johns, house slippers, sweat shirt, grabbed the keys of the kitchen table and sped up M ave. at 55 miles an hour. Thinking the whole time, I knew there was an important detail I missed. Please God don't let the new Furnace go out. Driving down E ave at 40, hoping no one would  hear or see me at 3  in the morning.
Deb had save my bacon.... what a chief... Thanks for being there. Well since I was there and in my Long Johns and house slippers what better time to take of the plastic.... I must be crazy or just blessed to have Deb watching my back. I was wondering Deb, how many time you have rescued some one from a fire? 
Thanks for rescuing me,

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Queen of Craig's List

This week was very productive, not saying the last 12 haven't been, just saying that the flow was happening better than could be expected for the many things that have to take place, to make the up stairs livable.
Jack and I finished the Breezeway dry-in as I had planned, but Deb.... The Queen of Craig's List  was the force that made it happen as quickly as it did, because of her ability to find good buys on things we need to make the project move on a a good pace while saving time and money.

I was totally impressed this week by her being able to make a purchase on a steel hand railing that will work perfectly for the look we are trying to achieve and it was code....., just blew me away. She paid ..... anyway it was a deal like I have never seen before. I know this railing would have cost 2,500.00 if I had to have it made... Way to go Chief !!!   I know on just the breezeway materials alone she saved 1,000.00 bucks for the sliders and a parabolic falabloid window...ha ( this is a job site joke ) which was the perfect 5/12 pitch of the existing roof not to mention the right width for the framing.

The Kitchen assembly will start this coming Tuesday so the painting needs to be priority Saturday and Monday. 
I was happy to hear that some good friends of Deb and Roy's are going to let them use their Digs. The smell of new primmer, texture and Paint can be overwhelming even to me at this point of construction so I know this is a good move during this time and a better place to sleep. Living in the Sun room isn't all that great I'm sure. They have endured the worst part of living through a remodel knowing it wasn't the easiest thing to do.  My Hats off to you both...

Here's some recent pictures to check out.

This is the breezeway dry-in.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Breezeway Roof

Jack and I were out side yesterday working on the breezeway roof. Lucky us ... the weather was great ! Wednesday the gutters are to be installed so we were pushing it to get one side done and today the other. Will we make it? Your guess is as good as mine.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sheet Rock, Tape, Mud, texture and Prime time.

The sheet rock has been hung and now the final process of finishing the rock will start Monday. It's always a good feeling to see the rock hung and ready for finish. The Kitchen center island is set and being used. 
Once we get the walls finished and painted we can get the rest of the kitchen together in full operation.
Jack and I will be out side this week working on inclosing the breezeway. I'm hoping for some decent weather as we will need it for working on the roof that connects the house to the garage. The gutters on the house, breezeway and garage side for the breezeway will be installed this coming Wednesday so I'm hoping to get the roof and new fascia on before the gutter installers get there. Some what of a challenge but I like a good challenge.
The concrete was poured on Friday and Deb gave the concrete some color with colorant, I think it looks pretty good, and save putting any flooring material down. 
I came up Saturday morning and sealed the new concrete and cleaned up the working area that had been getting trashed from taking no time to keep it clean... it's just been go go go and a lot of fun too.
Here's a picture of the concrete in the breezeway.
Thanks for reading ... now if I could just get some one to make some positive comments on the blog.