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Friday, January 25, 2013

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Luck you ... none of my ramblings tonight just pictures to see. But pictures are supose to be worth a thousand words.. Enough said, thanks for checking things out again.

The weeks progress...

Monday 01-21-2013 was MLK day but that didn't give me a day off as I'm sure it didn't for many. I started off with rocking the breezeway, while the plumber plumbed in the Tucker Tub and trimmed out the Vanity sink faucets. My brother started preparing for hanging the lid in the basement.
Tuesday almost finished hanging sheetrock in Breezeway with just a few little pieces to complete the hanging. Just some screwing off to finish. We finish off the day by carrying 30 sheets of Sheet rock down to the basement. It's never fun packing rock.
Bob put a coat of tile sealer on the shower with a couple more to go to finish every thing. It's going to be about 2 weeks before the glass is installed. But the shower could be used and I sure it will be.

Dan is going to pick up the stairwell railing as it is finished and will be installed Thursday. Stu finished most of the prep work to start  hanging the lid and started wrapping the stairwell out side and inside of the stairwell.
Wednesday I installed the trim for the stairwell allowing the rock Stu was installing to have a reveal and clean look for a finished floor edge to the stairwell. I started preparing the old door that Deb had found for the office door in the foyer.
We were not able to start hanging much of the lid today as Brandon had some wiring to finish yet. For floor plugs upstairs and install some outlets plus move lights Stu finished hanging rock in the laundry room and Brandon re-hung the old kitchen light there..Bob finished tile sealing and I finished preparing the door for the office. Thing are moving on.
Thursday I Finished installing the sliding office door and then started the installation of the awesome Stair Railing that Deb Picked up on Craig's list and had it re- welded ,sand blasted and powder coated with a beautiful black chrome paint. 
Bart installed the shower head faucet valve.Stu started rocking the lid in the basement as Brandon finished up the wiring rough-in.
Well it was 4pm and time for me to pick up the wife from work. So I finished being the taxi service and came back and finished Installing the stair rail.
Hopefully we will get a good chunk of the lid hung tomorrow and finish up on Saturday with the lid.
Sorry no pictures as I forgot the camera there in my rush to pick up my sweetie.

Thanks for reading my ramblings,

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Waterfall Facutes on Master Bath Vanity

Today I took a little extra time at the end of the day to make sure those who are checking Deb's blog out can have some Eye Candy, as it been a while since you have had an update to the progress. All the tile work is completed and sealed and the Vanity sink is on line as well. There's just a few things to get everything 100% useable.
Bob, Great job !!!
You gave us quality workmanship to the tiling that was needed to be installed. Thanks .
Here's a few pictures taken today.
Thank's for your patience, and checking things out again.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love is Blind

I couldn't resist sharing this when I saw it. I hope it puts a smile on your face as it did me.

The shower should be finished this week so I will have the shower door installer come to make the final measurements. Can't wait to see the final product. Here's a picture from today.

I finished installing the acoustical sound proofing under the So. bedroom ceiling which is under the Master bath. It really made quit a difference from hearing someone in the master bath. Also got the lid on the So. bedroom and a tape coat of sheet rock  mud  on.

While I'm doing show and tell here is a picture of what I do with old bed head boards when I find a good one...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shower wall tile just about finished

Bob's doing a great job with the shower wall tile and is just about finished, then the floor can be done to complete the tile work. The we can have the glass installed. Here's a few pictures.

Then there is the Tucker Tub... down stairs. We are using the old kitchen sink cabinet and one of the old upper cabinets we got off in one piece. The old cabinets were build into place so it made it difficult to salvage. But we managed to get two and recycle them into another use.

Here's a few pictures.

Thanks for checking out the progress...

Some before and after

Things have come a long way..

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gable siding installation

The Gable siding is looking great. 
Normally this type of siding which is called tight knot cedar channel siding is installed vertically. This is the first time I have installed it horizontally but really looks good with the brick. I pre-stained it before installation. I ran short to finish up the gable on the south gable so more was ordered and will be here Wednesday and get stained to finish the Gables.
Here are a few pictures.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Now that's a Plum

Yep... now that's a Plum color front door that pops in my book. The full glass light door gave us the needed light in the entry and better efficiency with a great view for Tucker the Door Bell.
The new Gable siding was started today. Man is it ever nice to see the old ship green color get covered, even if it is freezing out side. 
Here's a few more pictures.
The color of the siding is a real complement to the brick color.
 A better camera would do the picture colors justice..

Tomorrow Champion Roofing should be finishing up the Breezeway and Garage tomorrow. 
Here's few pictures of that progress. 

Thanks for checking things out.