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Saturday, March 30, 2013

An Eye for Art and seeing out of the box.

Deb and I had some Friday Fun and went up to Bellingham to pick up our Metal Lazor Art. We are going to be offering those who want somthing unique in yard art. 
Not going say much more at this point as a picture is worth a Thousand words for sure.

Friday, March 22, 2013

What ever happened to this week?

The week flew by as I have been working on another project this week. Time fly's by when starting a new project.

My brother has been installing the carpet and the stairs look great !!! Deb has been dealing with Home Depot and the inexperience of those who work for them. It's a bummer for customers who think they are saving money but get the run around form thme costing the customer time and more money.
Today I had a little time left for the day so I installed the new window downstairs in the fireplace room. The hung the sliding door on the breezeway bathroom.
Here are some more pictures recently taken.

I love this view of the Kitchen...

This is a piece of drop metal that we are going to use on a different job. Do you know what the pattern is?
If You Click on the picture it going to take you to the other project I am working on.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Nose has been to the grind stone

Yes ...My nose has been to the grind stone, focused on priorities before I have to get to my previous customers who have been patiently waiting me to take care of what ever needs to be done.
Thanks Deb and Roy for your frieindship and allowing me to work with you.
  It been a pleasure to work with Deb and Roy in helping to make their Ideas come to fruition.
There is still things that we are going to do as time goes by. We have made some major changes to the home interior and mechanical runing's of the home bringing it inot a New Light making it very open and still private and comfortable, for living and entertaining.

Deb Ayrs is good about creating things very functional and comfortable while still capturing the  awesome view this property carries and from different rooms of the home. For example : While showering you still have a direct view of Mt. Baker and the Cascades and privacy too. I am going to enjoy working with her and Roy this coming year as we do different projects they still have.

I know it's been a while since I have up dated you with any pictures of the project so here are a few to check out.
Thanks again for checking out the project,
While Roy was gone for a week skiing we busted butts and to get Roy's room carpeted and the office.There was a lot of stuff to move and do before we could install.

New Office window..
The room finished.

New Window and trim for office.

 The Stairs are now ready for the carpet this coming week.

Going down the stairs

Looking down for the railing