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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Retro Bath Colors

The Retro Bath Colors are a good choice for this long skinny bath. The dark purple make the room pop... with the Green, Orange and Yellow. 
The Painted concrete floor in the shower was coated with a Colored Dry Lock for a new surface after using a  self leveling concrete around the drain that was not completely draing the bottom of the shower pan. It worked Great and is very non skid. There's one more thing to do and that's finish the Blue Medicne Chest over the sink and install it.
Here are some pictures but not in order.
Happy Thanks Giving to All.
I will Post the finished product next week

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Down Stairs Bath Re- Furb

Let's see, Hmmm. 
Deb's got me started on the downstairs bathroom new look. She has some hot colors for the new look in mind. I think it's going to cool when it's all come to fruition.
But before we get there got ta do the work.... Hmmm. Rubbing the Lamp doesn't work.
Here's a re-cap of what I did this week.
Bath Light Fan /combo Venting through brick
Hanging Wall & Ceiling Rock
Installed last piece of rock
Mud &Tape / Shower wall prep/
second coat around toilet
Cut out Border tile pieces for shower
Painted pieces first coat
Sanded and second coated ceiling
Built shelve and drain cover under sink
self leveler around shower drain
Final sanding
Primed all walls & Ceilings
Second coated tile border
TSP shower floor
Shower ceiling v65 paint
Caulking/ filling vanity holes

And that was my week...
Hoping who ever reads this will have a Great Weekend
Here are few pictures of the progress we made this week.