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Saturday, June 28, 2014

I must be the Deer Whisperer

I must be the Deer Whisperer as I keep getting deer to come up to me with out any worries. This time the deer came and eat some candy I was eating.... It was funny to see his tongue whipping around as he tasted the sweet candy.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Deb's 1959 Streamline Travel Trailer we call LUCY... She's going to get a Face LIft

Hello to all who have checked out Deb's Blog about the things that are happing
here in the Northwest.

Deb found this 1959 28' bumper to hitch Streamline Travel Trailer that is going to have a New Face Lift keeping it retro with upgrades so it can have 2 purposes. A Guest Cabin and a Home on wheels for the times when you just want to get the Heck Out of Dodge and get some Sun Shine with Dry Warm Weather.
I'm going to do My best to keep a Blog of the progress taking place in the next few months to come. There is a bunch of stuff to do on it, so here are a few pictures of what it is like now.
Thanks to all take the time to check out this Blog I'm doing for Deb.

Greg Hill

The Old Propane Bottles will have to be replaced

Deb has a great Chrome Bumper that will cover the old one.

The Outside is in Good Condition.
Now the fun part is going be the inside of Lucy. There is a mixture of an up
grade that looks like it could hve been done n the late 60's early 70's. We started to take it out then saw that it have been fomed and covered by brown paneling with ridged styrofoam glued on to the walls making it to labor intensive with holes to patch all over.